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BObby Vasquez

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I've been studying sound and audio for the last 20 years, and during this time received my degree in Audio Production. I’ve been playing with frequencies of some sort since I was a child. During this time I experienced many difficult obstacles along the way. It wasn't until I had a few totaled car accidents before I developed a passion for wellness, getting stronger and simply taking better care of myself. Like many people who have been presented with obstacles, I began searching for something more. In 2014 I began studying sound therapy using frequencies and brainwave entrainment. I then discovered Biofield Tuning after I received a book called "Tuning the Human Biofield" by Eileen Day McKusick and later attended her workshop. I completely resonated with her work (pun intended). The idea of tuning the body with four different frequencies was completely mind blowing!! I've tuned enough sound systems with multiple frequencies and worked with some of the best sound systems in the world; but never have I approached sound with the intention of helping people with a multitude of ailments. I was so taken by this work that I was trained and certified by Eileen Day McKusick within a year (2016). I started Biofield Tuning San Jose in the winter of 2016 with the hopes of helping create more balance in Silicon Valley.
Biofield Tuning is a very unique and elegant approach to tuning your body and restoring the natural flow of energy. It will make you feel better and help you achieve the wellness that you long for and deserve. Life is full of traumatic and heavy experiences that cause disturbances and create stuck energy in our field. This work helps free up those kinks and gets rid of the residual energy that can be left over from those not-so-favorite moments of our lives.

I truly believe that Biofield Tuning helps shed light on the improvements you can make in your life to take care of yourself and ultimately live better.  It's not about being perfect, or completely changing your life, it’s about listening to your heart and becoming more aware. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help explain better. Send me an email or give me a call. I don't use the booking calendar on this site for my appointments. Please contact me for scheduling in person ordistant sessions.

Ass 2020 presented us all with obstacles, challenges and new opportunities, I wanted a way to reach more people and to be of service in other ways beyond sound therapy.  I began my studies to become a professional coach with the Human Potential Institute. HPI is a ICF accredited training program created by Dr. Mark Atkinson and Rod Francis. Working with clients over the years I have been able to see how much potential everyone holds as well as the abundance of answers that lie within each and everyone one of us. I am extremely excited that I am able to offer this coaching service. I find this coaching meshes very well with Biofield Tuning, a lovely embodiment practice.  As I clear the dissonance within your human energy field, we are unlocking pockets of potential that have been taken away over the course of your life due to moments of charge. Now I am able to offer you coaching following the Human Potential Institute and ICF model as I am now a Certified Human Potential Coach.  I can assist you as a coach so that you may find purpose with your newfound potential. For more information please click here.







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